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Workshop: Classic Watermill with Grahame Booth

With your host John

Paint this classic landmark in watercolour using only four colours and two brushes


Filmed on Thursday 21st April '22

Using only a few paints, you will still create a surprising range of colour - and Grahame will be your expert guide as you paint this lovely old watermill. Beginning with the drawing, Grahame will show you how you can make it more accurate, using simple perspective. He will then take you through the painting from start to finish, highlighting many tips and techniques along the way.

**See recommended materials below**


A video message from Grahame:

Workshop painting:

Photo reference:

Materials Top-Up

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• Watercolour paints - French Ultramarine, Indian or Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Winsor or Cadmium Red.

• Size 12 or 14 round brush with good point

• Size 4 to 7 round brush with good point

• 2B or 3B pencil

• Any good quality watercolour paper such as Bockingford, Saunders, Millford or Arches. Quarter sheet size is suggested (36 x 28 cm)



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