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Workshop: A figure in light and atmosphere with Ryno Swart

With your host John Harrison

Join romantic figurative oil painter Ryno Swart for a detailed and enlightening figure painting workshop. Filmed live from South Africa on 18th February 2021. Unfortunately, Ryno sadly passed away in mid-2021 due to Covid. Our thoughts are with his family. Any shop funds raised through the sale of this recording will be sent to his family.


See Reference photo and recommended materials below.

Together, you will be taking the selected painting from a drawing through the various stage to completion within the time available.

The painting will be used as the model for the workshop and together we shall recreate it in clearly defined steps.

The attendees will work from a drawing. Ryno shall show the various stages starting from composition and demonstrate each technique on a smaller canvas, 10 x 14", for painting alongside him.

Because of time constraints, he will work in the all prima method while demonstrating each stage.

You will cover:

• Composition and figure study.

• Turner's method of colour beginning in oil washes.

• Then we transpose the compositi

on working with a fine rigger brush.

• Next we indicate the tonal arrangement using a scumble technique.

• In the province of light, we'll work into these scumbles in direct painting technique, separate touches of carefully judged colour notes.

• As we finish, we employ impasto, both brush and palette knife.

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Line sketch:

Recommended materials • Stretched canvas: 10 x 14 inches. The best is Belgian linen in a fine weave. Otherwise Winsor & Newton or Primart.

• A wooden palette

• 2 palette cups

• Brushes, (bristle) The best brushes are Dynasty series 1350F:

Nos 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2, flats. Varnishing brush 4cm and a palette knife.

• Genuine turpentine. Refined linseed oil.

• Pigments. I swear by Rowney Georgian:

Ivory black

Burnt Sienna

Raw umber

Sap green

French ultramarine blue

Alizarin crimson

Cadmium red

Cadmium yellow

Raw Sienna

Titanium white

• A hard cover sketch book: Primart “visual diary”

• 4B or 5B pencil


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