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Workshop: Brittany Coast Landscape with Keiko Tanabe

Join professional artist Keiko Tanabe live from San Diego for a 2-3hour workshop to paint a coastal scene in Brittany. Filmed live on 8th December 2020.


**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

Keiko will show you how to paint a landscape painting that is full of atmosphere and dramatic light. You will learn steps to have a simple and strong composition as well as to produce a painting with an impressionistic quality.

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Keiko's painting:


Recommended Materials:

[These are the supplies I use but you’re welcome to use what you have]

• Paper: watercolour paper (your favourite brand, preferably 100% cotton), rough, 12"x16" or 14"x20", 140lb

• Paints: lemon yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, alizarin crimson, turquoise, dioxazine purple, viridian and your favourite colors

• Brushes: a round brush size #12 or equivalent suitable for a wash, a brush suitable for details, and/or your favourite brushes


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