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Workshop: Blue Canal, Bath with Catherine Beale

With your host John

Join watercolour artist Catherine to form your own impressionistic watercolour of a calm and picturesque scene on the Kennet & Avon Canal at the World Heritage City of Bath. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from England on 16 November 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this informative workshop, join Catherine to build upon what was covered in her shorter preview class, exploring her gravity painting techniques. You will commence by creating a useful pencil underdrawing to free up the painting process. You will then watch the way pooling watercolours behave and experiment as Catherine helps you use more water and fewer brushstrokes. You will learn to drop paint into water and merge free-running colours in defined areas bounded by dry paper and create deep, shadowed tones with paint taken straight from the tube. You will then use master masking fluid to preserve small, bright highlights on the canal boat and foliage and how to lift paint off to resemble ripples and water weed and then add detail using rigger brush work. Throughout you will be considering different ways to review your work with fresh eyes, creating a beautiful final piece.

Reference photo

Example painting:

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: A3 Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Artboard if possible

• PAINTS: Tubed watercolour paint. Suggested colours: Phthalo turquoise; ultramarine blue; purple lake/Quinacridone magenta or similar; burnt umber, raw sienna; sap green; lemon yellow.

• BRUSHES: 3 brushes: 1 inch Pro Arte Prolene One Stroke Flat Brush Series 106 ora large watercolour brush / 3/8 or half inch flat Pro Arte Prolene One Stroke Flat Brush Series 106 or smaller watercolour brush / 1 rigger brush or fine watercolour brush OTHER: Generous sized Palette / Kitchen roll / Removable masking fluid eg Winsor and Newton / 2B pencil and eraser / Table top easel / A3 size board with a 2 inch high rest (eg tin/case/ramekin etc)


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