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Workshop: Autumn Glory with Jane Betteridge

Join professional artist Jane Betteridge live from her studio for a 2-3hour workshop to paint one of her favourite paintings. Filmed live on 27th October 2020.

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You'll learn how to simplify a complex photograph and turn it into an interesting, atmospheric painting by pushing the boundaries of watercolour, adding inks, granulation medium and bronzing powder to create a dynamic painting.

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See Reference picture and recommended materials below

Example painting

Reference photos

Workshop Video (watch on Patreon or purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Recommended Materials:

• Paints:

D. Smith - Pyrrol scarlet (a mid red)

D. Smith - Piemontite Genuine (a kind of dark alizarin crimson)

W & N - Burnt Sienna

W & N - Raw Sienna

ShinHan - Jaune Brilliant (similar to Naples Yellow)

• White gouache or white ink

• FW Acrylic Inks in:-



• Aqua bronze powder in rich pale gold (gold acrylic, or ink would work, but not as well)

• Bottle Granulation Medium

• Pipette

• Small, medium and large watercolour brushes

• Some tissue paper


評等為 0(最高為 5 顆星)。

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