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Workshop: Autumn by the Seine with Michal Jasiewicz

With your host John

Join watercolour artist Michal to paint 'Autumn by the Seine'. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from Poland on 9th November 2021.


Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials


In this impressive and informative workshop, Michal will teach you how to combine artificial and natural elements into one moody composition using a limited palette. He will also show you how to emphasise the tonal values.

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Photo reference


Workshop painting

Alternative painting example

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: A half-sheet (~30x50cm) of good quality cotton paper


Watercolour paints: cobalt blue, ultramarine, Payne’s grey, cobalt teal or turquoise, lavender raw sienna, burnt sienna or iron oxide, magenta, light red, light green or yellow green cadmium, yellow deep and light (or any other light and deep shade of yellow).

Some opaque's: titanium white, Jaune Brilliant (Holbein)

• BRUSHES: A medium flat brush, one or two squirrel mops and a few synthetic pointed round brushes

• OTHER: Any kind of atomizer, painting knife and some tissues


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