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Workshop: An Energetic Hummingbird with Carne Griffiths

Join professional artist Carne Griffiths with another exciting workshop where he will teach you to paint in ink, tea and pigment with gold leaf! Filmed live from the UK on 18th March 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this workshop Carne will be combining some painting techniques with unusual materials - a little ink, tea and alcohol. You will learn some playful techniques with optical effects like refracting pieces of glass, some automatic drawing and some floral detail.

To finish, Carne will show you how to use gold leafing techniques using dip pen, brush and throwing and blowing the liquid.

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Example painting

From the workshop:

Recommended materials list

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Recommended materials

• Fountain or Dip Pen

Circular watercolour paper. square will do - Carne will be working on a piece 30cm diameter, you can work on square and hand tear a circular edge if you like! • NON waterproof Calligraphy inks in bright colours, Carne will be using turquoise yellow red and sepia, recommended brands are herbin, pelican, waterman or kaweco. • Pigment pen such as Derwent's line painter in vibrant colours.

• Tea bags for painting - Tetley are good! • Graphite Pencil 2b-4b or propelling / clutch pencil • Putty Rubber or Eraser

• Gold leaf, imitation or real if you are feeling flush! - Carne buys his from wrights of Lymm for the size liquid Carne uses a water based gilding paste by pebeo gedeo


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