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Workshop: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing with Liz Chaderton

With your host John


Join watercolour artist Liz Chaderton for this 2-3hr workshop webinar to paint a wolf in a line and wash technique. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from England on 29 March 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


The wolf is central to the folklore and culture of the people of Europe and the North American Plains. Nothing evokes the shiver down the back as much as the wolf’s howl and though we may talk about the Big Bad Wolf, it is also the ancestor of our beloved pet dogs. Don’t forget Romulus and Remus being raised by the wolves either...

So our relationship with the wolf is complicated. Liz hopes to capture a little of this in a loose and lively portrait using line and wash.

Liz will start with washes of colour and then use pen work to develop structure and detail. You will then return to washes and perhaps add in a little white pen work too.

Along the way, you will learn lots of techniques which can be applied to other animal portraits. In particular you will explore the eyes and fur texture, so if you fancy painting its domesticated cousin, your dog, this workshop will really help.

Liz’s third book, Line and Wash Painting, was published in January 2022 by The Crowood Press.

Example painting

Reference photo

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 140lb, Not/cold press, half imperial sheet or your preferred size

• PAINTS: Watercolours of your choice. Liz will use: quinacridone gold, French ultramarine, quinacridone Sienna, pyrole orange, phthalo blue

White gouache or opaque white paint marker (eg Posca)

• BRUSHES: round size 8 and 16, rigger size 2 • OTHER: Waterproof fineliner pens in a few widths eg 0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 1.0, pencil, water, paper towels, hair dryer, small spray bottle (optional)


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