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Workshop: A snow covered lane with Barry Herniman

With your host Hazel (and co-host John)

Join watercolour artist Barry Herniman to paint 'A snow covered lane'. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from England on 16 Dec 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this workshop, follow Barry as he paints this snow covered lane in the heart of the English countryside. He will guide you through each stage of the painting in bite sized chunks so that you can build up the picture with confidence and have a finished painting at the end of the session. Working in his favourite medium of watercolour he will share with you this wonderfully fluid medium and show you how to build translucent washes to produce a painting with light and vitality. All the colours you will be using are transparent or semi transparent which means you can glaze successive colours over each other and develop dark and luminous sections without MUD!

Reference painting

Reference photo

Ref Sketch

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Tape a piece of watercolour paper to a board or stiff card. This painting is roughly square in format. Approx 8 x 8 ins , or smaller or larger to suit your preference. Barry will be using ROUGH but NOT or Cold Pressed will also work well as there is a lot of texture in this scene. Have to hand a few pieces of watercolour paper to check out any of your colour mixes.

• PAINTS: Barry strongly recommends using Artists quality watercolours as we will be wanting maximum transparency in our colours and the cheaper brands add binders and fillers to keep prices low. Barry uses Schmincke Horadam Artists Watercolours.

Pure yellow/Aureolin/Lemon yellow/ Indian Yellow/ Rose madder/ Orange/ Madder brown/ Burnt sienna/ Cobalt turquoise/ Cerulean blue/ Cobalt blue Ultramarine/ Helio turquoise/ Phthalo blue/ Prussian blue/ Manganese violet/ cobalt violet • BRUSHES: Nos. 8 & 4 rounds Nos 4 /2 Rigger • OTHER: Titanium white/ Palette: with some deep wells for watercolour mixes/ Spray diffuser bottle with water/ 2B pencil/ Hair dryer

*****Please have your paper taped down onto your board and your preliminary drawing done ready for the start of the session. Barry will give you a quick introduction explaining his painting methods with some short exercises before proceeding onto the painting.


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