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Workshop: A Creative Tuscan Landscape with Keiko Tanabe

Join popular watercolour artist Keiko Tanabe for this 2-3 hours workshop. Filmed live from California on 15th April 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this workshop Keiko will show you how to make a creative landscape painting in watercolour of buildings, trees and spring flowers.

You can use a variety of colours to paint your flowers as it will only confined by your imagination. You will pretend to be a plein-air painter, having fun in the field! The painting shown is just for reference.

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Workshop painting

Reference photo

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials list

• Watercolour paper of your choice (rough or cold-pressed, 140lb/300gr, 12x16 inches or similar, Professional quality recommended)

• Brush: round or flat for a wash; round, liner, rigger for smaller details

• Watercolour paints: raw sienna, burnt sienna, lemon yellow, orange, cobalt blue, alizarin crimson, viridian, turquoise, lavender, and/or any of your favourite colours


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