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Winter Station - Through Light and Air

Join professional artist Michał Jasiewicz live from his studio in Poland for a 2-3hour workshop to paint one of his favourite subjects. Filmed live on 13th October 2020.

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This little train station is located in Michal's hometown. Because of its historic charm, it reminds him of happy childhood memories. Moreover, he loves trains - and he loves winter even more!

The image is quite complicated, filled with too many technical elements. That's why, for this workshop, he has decided to remove modern elements from the scene and leave a more old-fashioned landscape with a moving steam locomotive. So - don't worry, we aren’t going to paint all those electric poles and other technical facilities! Just the station and the tracks melting in to the beautiful surroundings of a sparkly, winters afternoon.

See Reference pictures and recommended materials below

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It may be a good idea to prepare a drawing first, to reserve more time for painting. I recommend a half-sheet (~30x50cm) of good quality cotton paper.

Recommended Materials:

Paper (see above)

• Watercolour paints (this is my usual working set; you can perfectly use other colours you are familiar with. In most cases I don’t really care about a specific brand, or colour name):

cobalt blue, ultramarine, Payne’s grey, cobalt teal or turquoise, lavender raw sienna, burnt sienna or iron oxide, magenta, light red, light green or yellow green cadmium, yellow deep and light (or any other light and deep shade of yellow). Some opaques: titanium white, Jaune Brilliant (Holbein).

As you see, this is a very classic set. All we need is some blues from light to dark, two or three reds and yellows (cold and warm shades) + any other colour depending on your choice.

• Brushes: Michal will use a medium flat brush, one or two squirrel mops and a few synthetic pointed round brushes (Escoda perla or any other made by Toray will be a good choice)

(Recently I have been using some Chinese brushes but you can perfectly cope without them)

• Any kind of atomizer.

• Painting knife and some tissues.


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