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'Where flowers bloom, so does Hope' with Fauzia Shabnam

With your host Nisha Sehjpal

Join watercolour artist Fauzia for this meditative and relaxing look at a floral expression. The painting sets place while listening to calming music. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from Bangladesh on 15 August 2021. Visit our video library after the event to purchase or visit Fauzia's shop here.


Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials

In this workshop Fauzia invites art lovers, participants and students alike to let their guards down and paint from the soul. Fauzia will be showing watercolour techniques of painting florals using some of the best art materials available today and will be using complimentary colours to highlight balanced techniques. She will focus specifically on how to maintain transparency in watercolour with distinct composition - accuracy in colour mixing, blending, tips on skill development and building self confidence as an artist. You will also be shown the use of Luminescent Watercolour.

Fauzia is the first artist from Bangladesh to have her work selected and exhibited by the Royal Institute watercolour society in 2019, at the Mall Galleries UK. Fauzia looks forward to welcoming you to her workshop.

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Photo reference

Line sketch:

Painting ref

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Hahnemühle/ Winsor & Newton/ Arches/ BAOHONG/ Saunders ( cold pressed rough textured) (Leonardo,rough,600gsm). Paper size : 9x14 inches.


Daniel Smith extra fine Watercolours: Green Gold / Rich Green Gold / Sap Green / Lemon Yellow / Aussie Red Gold / Transparent Pyrrol Orange / Pyrrol Scarlet / Ultramarine Red / Permanent Violet / Lavender / Cobalt Blue / French Ultramarine / Cerulean Blue / Manganese Blue / Moonglow / Imperial Purple / Mayan Dark Blue / Indigo / Cobalt Blue Violet / Indanthrone Blue / Italian French Ochre / Lunar Black OR Lamp Black

PrimaTek: Kyanite Genuine / Sleeping Beauty / Kingman Green Turquoise Genuine

Luminescent paints: Duochrome Blue Pearl / Pearlescent Shimmer / Interference Silver

• BRUSHES: High quality watercolour brushes such as da Vinci , Winsor & Newton or escoda.

• OTHER: Watercolour palette, preferably ceramic, plastic or metal white surfaced / Two buckets of lukewarm purified water half a ltr each / Water soaking towels or tissues / Soft pencil HB for Drawing, eraser / Masking tape or any stretching tapes / Board / Water spray bottle / A notebook Highlighter / Writing pen.

Painting examples:


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