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SPECIAL: Wet in wet loose study of a cat with Liz Chaderton

Join professional artist Liz Chaderton for this special, 1hr Arty Class. Filmed live on 3rd December 2020.

We will use just three colours to create a simple but lively portrait of a fluffy cat and in the process learn lots about simplifying our subject to capture its essence, using wet in wet to create a fur texture, mixing hard and soft edges to create a lively portrait and sgraffito to achieve highlights. Yes, all in 1 hour!

See Reference pictures and recommended materials below:

Recommended materials required:

NOTE: If possible, please sketch out your cat before the class

A4 Not watercolour paper - minimum 140lb/300gsm

• Watercolours - grey or black, turquoise of phthalo blue, Caput Mortem/Mars Violet or a brownish maroon.

• Sharp knife

• Fine spray bottle

• Kitchen towel

•Two jars of water

• Medium round brush (approx 8), small pointed round (approx 2)

• Pencil and eraser.


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