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Vincent's Corn Field with Sarah Wimperis

With your host John

Patrons get invited to live art classes and watch recordings. Membership starts from only £5. Click here to find out more.

Broadcast live from England on 26 January '23.


Join compulsive sketchbook keeper, oil and watercolour artist Sarah Wimperis for this insightful 1hr water mixable oil paint class webinar to paint a simple landscape, inspired by Vincent van Gogh.

Sarah will teach you all about short cuts and mark making using water mixable oil paints.

**Recommended materials below**


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As showcased in the class, find out more about Sarah's art series >


Class reference painting

Van Gogh reference

Reference photo


PAPER: A4 sized primed board. Any surface suitable for Oil painting is OK if you want

to paint along.

BRUSHES: Range of brushes, medium size

PAINTS: Water mixable oil paints - Titanium White / Cadmium Yellow Lemon / Cadmium Yellow Medium / Cadmium Red Medium / Primary Magenta / Ultramarine / Prussian Blue / Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) / Phthalo Green / Burnt Sienna

OTHER: Palette knife


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