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Watch John create personal and sentimental paintings using AI

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Broadcasting most months. See our upcoming events page.

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John will discuss recent events, locations visited or artworks created with the attendees and pick one to focus on.

Using the attendee preferred medium and aspect ratios, John will use a combination of AI and other software to create a unique digital artwork based on the information provided.

Each class will be very different and generate a uniquely sentimental artwork for at least one or more of the attendees.


Broadcast Tue 26 Sep '23

Steph's English son is marrying a half Italian/half Scottish lady in April next year at a castle in Scotland. She wanted something to reflect the occasion and their mix of nationalities.

"Thank you. It was lovely to talk with you and fascinating to see you produce this AI artwork. Much obliged for the time you spent producing it. Great fun. Best. Steph x"


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