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Travel Journaling Workshop with Randy Hale and Vienna's Hofberg Gate

With your host John


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Broadcast live from Colorado on 23 January 2024.

Join US artist Randy Hale for this immersive art workshop webinar, approx 2-3hrs in length. The focus is architectural urban sketching, simplified. Using pen/ink with watercolour washes. Details below.


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*Suggested materials below*


As we travel the world we often encounter historic monuments and architecture that's breathtaking and absolutely exhilarating. So how do we best approach these subjects??

  • Always simplify

  • Look for the essence of the subject, find the big shapes and don't get bogged down with detail

  • Find the light source, shadows are essential, they provide dimension and volume

  • Establish the line work with a fine ink pen and then add subtle watercolour washes to provide a hint of colour in the shadower surfaces.

  • Remember that less is more.

Randy will explain to us the above in more detail and how successful travel journal sketching is best when linework remains loose, but depicts perspective with some degree of accuracy.

You will then have the opportunity of sketching and painting along with Randy as you take on the Hofberg Gate.

The following references will be sent to you the day before the live event.

Reference painting

Reference photo

Workshop painting

Recommended materials

  • Drawing tools, HB pencil, kneaded eraser ,fine line ink pen

  • Brushes, flats 1.5", 1",3/4", medium size squirrel mop for washes, a medium round for blending and softening edges, a rigger for fine lines

  • Travel journal. Randy uses a Moleskin book in landscape format. 120-140lb with some tooth, cold press allows better blending

  • Paper If you work on loose paper any good quality watercolour paper.

  • Miscellaneous. Hair dryer/heat gun, small clips  water and tissue.

  • Pigments.


Randy at the gate


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