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The Light Between Petals with Fauzia Shabnam

With your host John

Join professional artist Fauzia Shabnam for this relaxing 1 hour Art Class webinar to paint a floral bougainvillea watercolour. * Details below * Broadcast live from Bangladesh on 5 April 2022


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this prelude to her full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, paint along with Fauzia to create this floral Bougainvillea watercolour. Fauzia invites participants to come with an open palette and mind, and join her on this painting journey where you will learn colours of culture and emotions.

Useful links:

Ref painting

Reference photo

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: Watercolour Paper min 140 pounds/ 300gsm, cold pressed, half imperial (20x14”)

• PAINTS: Watercolour, Professional quality acrylic inks, pearlescent (optional)

luminescent will work as well, basic hues (red, green, blue, yellow, black & white)

• BRUSHES: synthetic or natural hair 2”or above flat brushes, one round number(size 8 to 14 any)and one 0. Brushes with maximum water holding capacity are recommended


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