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Masterclass: The Honesty Wall

A great masterclass, held on 4th June '20, where Jane Betteridge took us on a two and a half hour journey of in-depth painting, incorporating a multitude of tips and techniques painting wild honesty flowers in front of a cotswold stone wall. Workshop participants came from the UK, Canada, USA and Africa.

See videos and paintings received below.

Workshop Video (to unlock this video, purchase here)

Critique video (only if you selected the critique video upgrade)

Paintings received:

• Ronald E.

"I have learnt so much doing these workshops, and looking forward to next months."

• Catherine N.

• Julie B.

• Jane H.

• Nina F.

"I really enjoyed it. I think you need to have the right green paints as on Jane's list to get the full effect. However as I didn't have the leaf green I added some bright green ink spattering at the end to try to add some vibrancy."

• Heidi M.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so engrossed that I think I forgot to thank Jane and yourself."

• Nicola G.

"Thank you for putting on a brilliant afternoons painting workshop...thoroughly enjoyed it, always learn something new."

• Anna A.

"Unfortunately, I spilled purple ink on the area below the old wall. Not my week was it!"

Marina G.

• Jill E.

"No olive green, lime green, leaf green, indigo and purple lake and white acrylic paint. I ordered the acrylics and they arrived this morning! So the colours ain't quite right and reviewing it this morning (fresh eyes) I can see among other things that I didn’t leave enough pale areas. Stone wall looks more like a boulder wall! Needless to say I really enjoyed the workshop, it is so inspiring to see Jane painting. Looking forward to the next one."

Catherine B.

Wendy P.

"It’s really great and I’m learning a lot! Jane, you are so kind to share your techniques and I’m really looking forward to applying these ideas, colours, techniques and tips to my own photos! Thanks again and looking forward to the next one!"

Julie P.

"Throughly enjoyed it, will definitely have another go!"

Pauline G.

"Thankyou for a wonderful way to spend another afternoon!"

Helen C.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s painting masterclass yesterday so here is my painting, a result of Jane’s expert tuition! As you may remember, I missed about 5 minutes, I think it was because we had a massive storm brewing here in Girona.  Anyway, with better light this morning I was able to finish it."

Debbie R.

"Thank you so much for organising this workshop with Jane Betteridge – I just love the way she works, it’s so liberating and fun to do!"

Suzanne W.

Helga P.

"I really enjoyed it. Yet another inspirational lesson."

Margaret W.

Cathy D.

Jan Y.


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