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Tips, Tricks & Techniques in Watercolour with Liz Chaderton (Parts 1 & 2)

Join Liz Chaderton for a two part engaging, online webinar, filmed live on Tue 18th August '20.

In this class we will continue to explore how to create the illusion of textures in watercolour. You will come away with a tool box of different techniques you can apply in future paintings, whatever your favourite subject.

Using materials you will find around the house or studio, learn how to create interesting textures in your watercolour. You will also learn some of the pitfalls to avoid. This is an opportunity to experiment, so bring a sense of fun and imagination!

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Print out:

If you want, print out the above image as a guide

Materials Required:

• A quarter sheet of Not surface watercolour paper. Given we are creating a library of techniques for the future, you can reuse the back of an old painting if you like.

• Paints - watercolour paint. Different pigments react in different ways, so be prepared to experiment with several colours.

• Brush - medium round (size 8-10)

• Water pots, water spray, paper towel, pencil

• Texturing materials to include any of these - don't worry if you don't have them all!:

> watercolour pencils if you have them, salt (table and rock salt), Epsom salts, clingfilm (Saran wrap), dishwasher rinse aid, bubble wrap, medical gauze, sand paper, straw, wax paper, tissue paper, credit card (old!!), strips of water colour paper, masking fluid and an old brush, wax crayon or candle, cotton thread or string, leaves, stencil, scalpel , masking tape


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