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Sustainable texturing with Liz Chaderton

Join watercolour artist Liz Chaderton for this 45 minute Arty Class webinar. Filmed live from England on 29 June 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this inspiring prelude to her full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, Liz will answer the question "What can you use to replace plastic wrap texture in your watercolours?"

Lots of artists use plastic wrap to create beautiful geometric patterns in their work, but many of us want to be cutting out our single use plastic, so what can we use instead?

Join Liz Chaderton, as she explores a few alternatives and helps you create interest in your work in a more sustainable way. She’ll use tissue paper, foil, baking parchment, reusable plastic bags, tracing paper etc. She’ll also go on to show you how to use a textured surface to work that she’s prepared with tissue paper. You will learn new texturing techniques and also how to bring a 3D element to your paintings.


Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Off cuts of watercolour paper

• PAINTS: Watercolour paints of your choice

• OTHER: Tissue paper, foil, baking parchment, reusable plastic bag, tracing paper or any other sheet material you think might be a good substitute for plastic wrap.


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