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Spanish Boats with Eugen Chisnicean

Join professional artist Eugen Chisnicean live from Moldova, for this informative, 45min Arty Class studying the painting of boats in Spain. This was filmed live on 15th December 2020.

Watch this Arty Class:

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Materials list:

- Cotton Paper, rough or cold-pressed. (I use Arches 300gm/ rough)

- Brushes: Several brushes of different sizes (I use round and flat brushes, also Chinese calligraphy brushes )

- Paints - there are no special requirements. (I use watercolour tubes in order to have always fresh pigment )

- Paper tape for attaching the paper to the board.

- Board (any support for the paper)

- Water spray

- Pencil ( use 2 or 3B)


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