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SKA Course: Colour Theory

Course video length: 2hrs | Type: ART FOUNDATION | Published: Jan 2023

To become a successful artist, you must first understand colour theory. Colour theory is a set of rules and principles, helping artists decide how to use and mix their colours effectively.

The way you use colour in your artwork can make all the difference between people pausing, looking and engaging with your art - or passing by and ignoring it!


During this art course, you will learn tips and techniques from 6 professional artists:

Helga Picknell

Helga’s work has been displayed in several exhibitions, including the Museum of Modern Art in Brussels. Over the years, Helga has taught a great variety of students of all ages. In 2009 Helga set up an artistic daycare service for adults with special needs, where she also teaches mainstream adult education.

Sue Taylor

Sue has spent a lifetime teaching art in schools and colleges for all ages. She has demonstrated in art fairs and on TV breakfast shows. is a regular writer for art magazines and has been a guest art tutor for travel companies to India, S Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy and France. Her work has been exhibited in the Mall Galleries, the RA summer exhibition and wildlife exhibitions.

Vlad Yeliseyev

Vladislav has become a popular speaker and demonstrator at conventions in the United States, as well as a jury member and a judge of many national and regional watercolour and plein air competitions.

Francesco Fontana

Francesco has been stage and field faculty at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in CA and AZ as well as judge and lecturer for the Watercolor Society of Oregon. He often headlines in the top plein air competitions in the States, where he also published the DVD 'Watercolor the Italian Way' released by leading publisher Liliedhal.

Renato Palmuti

Renato is a fine artist, illustrator and designer from São Paulo, Brazil. He started his artistic career working as an illustrator and art director in several advertising agencies and founded his own studio in 2005. Renato is an international instructor and co-representative of the International Watercolour Society.

Jane Betteridge

Jane is an accomplished watercolour artist and qualified adult education tutor whose inspiration is drawn from the landscape. She has demonstrated on TV and at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London. Her book, Watercolours Unleashed, was a best seller.


Course guides are available for download when you watch the course.


Now's your chance to put your learnings to the test and paint along with the professionals. The following art classes compliment the skills and techniques covered in the course.


Laszlo studied at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Laszlo teaches art classes at both the Modul Art Academy and at the Art school Az Asztalom. He has held successful solo exhibitions in Budapest and has taken part in the Fabriano in Aquarello International Watercolour exhibition.

Randy Hale - Watch art class >

Randy is a Colorado artist, workshop instructor, signature member, juror and has had the good fortune of being able to conduct workshops for painters throughout the US.


David R. Smith - Watch full art workshop >

David is a popular artist and instructor nationally and internationally, as well as a sought-after juror. He is the recipient of the Skyledge Award (by the Transparent Watercolour Society of America) and an award winner of the American Watercolour Society.

Catherine Beale - Watch full art workshop >

Catherine Beale is a painter specialising in super-vibrant, “gravity painted” experimental watercolours! She has exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and Institute of Painters in Watercolours.

David paints primarily in watercolour, and much of his work results from expeditions into the remote regions. He has written 20 books illustrated with his paintings and sketches, produced numerous DVDs, and presented his own series on television.



" Just loved the colour theory film. So informative. Thank you John. I learnt so much that I thought I knew and didn’t but it’s all so clear now. 🤞my painting improves as a result of watching it. 5/5. "


" OMG this course is brilliant - it came at just the right time for me. I often pick up colour and can't be sure/remember if it is warm or cold or why it might matter in my painting. I am also getting more and more curious about colours and how to set about getting the right colours out for a painting I'd like to do - this course goes into everything from primary colour wheel to limiting palette, to using neutral tints and then some - and the artists who explain it do it in such a neat way. I love also that we are being told not to be too precious about using just the right colour and how to go about experimenting before setting out on the main event. Jane Betteridge's sketch books are such a fab way to end the whole show too - what a lovely way she has of recording how to get down on paper the way a scene makes you feel. And Renato Palmuti's way of making you think about the register of colour in the painting you are approaching. Superb course. Thank you so much for curating that one for us John - I give it 10 stars out of five (I've still got to go do my homework on Sue Taylor's masterful colour wheel approach to seeing how a set of primary colours might work together and achieve the colours necessary for your scene. There is even a cute pointillism exercise in Helga Picknell's section and both Francesco Fontana and Vlad Yeliseyev do a great job of encouraging us to think about the colour wheel when we get worried about maybe not having the exact colour and to be confident that we can do pretty well all we need to with just 3 colours. I won't go on !!! "


I have only watched the first part of this and Helga’s explanation of the colour wheel was very clear and helpful. I am sure the rest of it will be as good - so 5 for me!



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