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Simplifying the Scene with Grahame Booth

Join professional artist Grahame Booth for this informative and fun Special Arty Class that will walk you through how to simplify a subject. Special Arty Classes are complimentary for Patrons to attend or, if you are not a patron, you can pay to join in. Patrons will also be able to watch the recording after the event. Filmed live in Northern Ireland on 7th Jan 2021.

Join John and Grahame as he introduces the topic of simplifying a subject. This is vital in order to create a painting from any subject. The lighthouse and surrounding buildings are quite detailed and complex but Grahame will show you a simple way to make everything appear much simpler.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

Materials required:

Grahame will use 140lb Millford NOT paper along with a variety of brushes from Rosemary and Co.

Any good quality watercolour paper, rough or NOT (cold pressed) can be used but make

sure you have at least one or two well pointed round brushes as well as a swordliner or rigger

for the smaller suggested details.

Grahame will be using his usual palette which consists of:

French ultramarine, phthalo blue GS, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cadmium red, quinacridone

magenta, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, quinacridone gold, aureolin, naples yellow and white gouache.

He will not use all of these colours in the painting. Do not feel you must use the same

materials. It is better that you use paint and materials you are familiar with.

A water spray may also be used along with kitchen roll.


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