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Shipwreck with Randy Hale

Join Randy Hale for this fascinating Arty Class. Filmed live from Colorado on 16th March 2021.

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In this Arty class, you will explore the skills required to paint a fascinating shipwreck as an introduction to Randy's longer 2-3hr workshop. You will cover perspective, water reflections and decisions around the composition of the scene.

**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

Reference painting example:

Ref photo & line sketch:

Recommended materials list

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Watercolor paper –(300 gsm) or 140# equivalent, cold press – my paper size will be approx. 11”x15” (28 cm x 36 cm equivalent)…a good size for completing a painting in our allotted time. Board - lightweight rigid surface; to clip or fasten your paper to. Slightly larger than the paper. Brushes – Squirrel Mop, Medium Round, a Flat (1”w), and a rigger. Synthetic & natural mix Water container - for rinsing brushes Spray bottle – small size for fine misting Paint palette – with mixing well and dedicated wells to squeeze pigments into. (Use better grade pigment brands to ensure quality mixing - student grade paints are mostly synthetic binder that result in blotchy mixing of pigments) Suggested pigment colors include warm & cool version of 6 primaries + couple earthtones. · Cool Yellow (cadmium light, lemon yellow) & Warm Yellow (gamboge, Indian yellow) · Raw Siena (or Yellow Ochre) & Raw Umber · Orange (I use Schmincke’s Transparent Orange) · Burnt Siena (or Quinachridone Burnt Orange) & Burnt Umber · Warm Red (Pyrol or Cadmium) & Cool Red (Alizarin, Opera, Magenta) · Warm Violet, Cool Violet · Prussian Blue (a deep dark) · Ultramarine Blue & Cobalt Blue · Cerulean Blue & Turquoise Light · Sap Green (warm), Veridian (cool), Cad Green Light (light apple green) Pencil (HB or softer), kneaded eraser Handful of tissue for blotting; soft rag – to manage amount of water on your brush Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

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