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See You on the Slopes with Nisha Sehjpal

With your host John

Join artist Nisha Sehjpal for this enjoyable (and 'cool') 1 hour Art Class webinar to paint a serene snowy scene. * Details below * Broadcast live from India on 26 July 2022


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


Whilst some countries are currently having a heatwave, in this prelude to her longer workshop, cool off with Nisha as she walks you through painting a serene snowy scene. You will paint watercolour mountains in a fun and simplified style using an old cut up credit card, you will further learn to exploit the separating characteristics of multi-pigmented colours.

Useful links:

  • Find out about the longer, Workshop

  • After the live event, you can download the reference images and watch the complete, ad-free recording as an SKA Patron (level 3 and up) via our Video Library.

Ref painting

Materials Top-Up

Click image below for automatic 10% OFF first order from Jackson's art - ships globally.


• PAPER: 12" x 16"hot pressed watercolour paper

• PAINTS: Watercolour paints - multi pigmented colours like Obsidian brown or Lapis brown from Rockwellartcanada OR Moonglow or Shadow Violet from DanielSmith. Ultramarine Blue, Lavendar or similar.

• BRUSHES: Rigger, 1" Flat, Round size 8, 10

• OTHER: Cut up an old credit card (different widths), spray bottle, paper towel


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