Workshop: Painting a Stormy Sea with Jane Betteridge

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Paint a stormy sea live, with Jane Betteridge , filmed live on 1st Sept '20.

Watch the unlocked video here >

You can watch the video of the live session by clicking the unlocked video below - or watch for free via our Patreon platform if you are at the applicable level. You can also unlock it below by purchasing it on the artists shop here:

See video, reference picture, materials required and paintings received below.

Reference Picture:

Workshop Video (watch on Patreon or purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Materials Required Watercolour paper size 29 x 34 cms (I’m using Saunders Waterford 300lb ‘Not’ High White)

• Watercolour Paints:- Phthalo blue red shade (SAA) (ultramarine blue, or delft blue is very similar); Green Deep (ShinHan) or Viridian Green, Turquoise

• FW Acrylic Inks in:- White, Rowney Blue (or any mid blue shade or even turquoise will be fine), Indigo

• Granulation Medium, Pipette, Palette Knife

• White gouache

• Pencil, Ruler

• Brushes: Large wash brush, Size 10 round, Size 6 round, Fine rigger brush, Medium sized flat brush

• Spray bottle

Paintings sent in to us:

This is called 'The Watcher', can you see why?...

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