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Workshop: Painting a Stormy Sea with Jane Betteridge

Paint a stormy sea live, with Jane Betteridge , filmed live on 1st Sept '20.

See reference and recommended materials below:

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Reference Picture:

Materials Required Watercolour paper size 29 x 34 cms (I’m using Saunders Waterford 300lb ‘Not’ High White)

• Watercolour Paints:- Phthalo blue red shade (SAA) (ultramarine blue, or delft blue is very similar); Green Deep (ShinHan) or Viridian Green, Turquoise

• FW Acrylic Inks in:- White, Rowney Blue (or any mid blue shade or even turquoise will be fine), Indigo

• Granulation Medium, Pipette, Palette Knife

• White gouache

• Pencil, Ruler

• Brushes: Large wash brush, Size 10 round, Size 6 round, Fine rigger brush, Medium sized flat brush

• Spray bottle


Paintings sent in to us:

This is called 'The Watcher', can you see why?...


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