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Ink, Coffee & Bleach Experiments with Helga Picknell

On Tuesday 2nd June, Helga demonstrated how you could use ink, coffee and bleach in creating amazing landscapes. Watch the video and see the various art submissions from the class below.

IMPORTANT: The use of bleach is optional, but you get the best effects from using it. However, as this is a hazardous product, children must have a responsible adult present during the Arty Class as only the paper and paintbrush must come into contact with the bleach. If you do use bleach, you do so at your own risk.

Materials required for this Arty Class:

• A couple of sheets of watercolour paper (A4)

• Watercolour brushes - 1 large, middle and small (like a rigger)

• [OPTIONAL] A small amount of bleach (you could put it in a jar lid so there's less chance to knock it over). Please see important notice above.

• 2 jars with water

• Water colour paint + paint pallet

• Kitchen roll

• Quick ink (WH Smith sell Parker ink . You could just stick to black to keep the cost down and either buy a jar or packet of little pen ink cartridges (but please be careful when cutting these open) [Dr Ph Martins concentrated watercolour can also be used]

• Coffee granules (a spoonful of instant)

James McGuinness (aged 9)

Rookley Dring, age 4

Michelle Mould

Carrie Dring

Julie Barnett 1

Julie Barnett 2

Toni Peers

Gerry Blofeld

Julie Pearce

Jean Eustace

Stephanie Donaldson

Cecilia Payne

Branda Picknell

Andrea Harrison

Jane McCormick

Jan Yardley x3


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Janet Murray
Janet Murray
Jun 02, 2020

Couldn't stop just kept on playing.


Janet Murray
Janet Murray
Jun 02, 2020

Really enjoyed the ink and bleach really enjoyed the webinar today. Thankyou.


Really enjoyed painting mr crab

Hilary Paine

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