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Paint Flowing Water in Watercolour with Sujit Sudhi

Join professional artist Sujit Sudhi filmed live, on 6th Oct '20 from India.

In this short exercise, Sujit will demonstrate how flowing water is such a fascinating subject to paint in watercolour and is something that can be attained with very few brushstrokes. This quick exercise is targeted at demonstrating how to paint convincing waterscapes without much effort.

Watch the Arty Class:

See Reference picture and recommended materials below

Recommended Materials:

(This is just a guide)

• Paper :

Any good quality 300 GSM Cold Press paper. ( Arches, Saunders, Fabriano or any other brand of your choice). 38 X 27 cms (15 X 11 inches)

• Brushes :

#8 or #10 mop

3/4 inch flat

#12 round

#8 round

#0 liner (rigger)

• Paints:

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

French Ultramarine

Prussian Blue

Sap Green

Yellow Ochre


Permanent Orange

Burnt Sienna

Light Red / Indian Red

• An atomiser

• Kitchen Rolls


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