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Paint a Hyper-Real Leaf with Sarah Roche

Filmed live on 5th Nov, join botanical artist, teacher and founding Director of the New England Society of Botanical Artists in the USA, Sarah Roche, as she helps you understand and paint a leaf in a 45min Patron-only Arty Class.

Leaves with their subtle colours and textures, are often a challenge for the artist. In this short class, Sarah will show you some of the secrets of painting the details of leaves in watercolour. Working through some basic exercises and then on a watercolour leaf study, you can join Sarah and learn some of the methods that will help you perfect your technique.

Watch the Arty Class:

See Reference picture and recommended materials below

Recommended Materials:

• Brushes

- 2 x round pointed brushes (I like sable brushes)

- I use Raphael 8404 No 4. You could also try Rosemary &Co Brushes Series 33 No4

- 1 Short flat soft nylon brush - chisel blender No 2

- should be small or Billy Showell eradicater brush

• Paper

- Hot pressed Fabriano Artistico or similar or any smoothish Cold pressed paper

- Tracing paper

• Watercolor paints I use mainly Winsor and Newton Artists Quality

- Permanent Rose

- Quinacridone Magenta

- Scarlet Lake

- Ultramarine Blue (Daniel Smith)

- Winsor Blue green shade

- Winsor Lemon

- New Gamboge

- Burnt Sienna( Daniel Smith)

- Raw Sienna ( Daniel Smith )

• Other materials

- China palette or plate for mixing

- Soft white paper towel or white cotton hanky

- Putty eraser

- Staedlar white eraser

- Graphite pencils H and HB


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