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Mixing mediums with Iris Babao Uy

Join watercolour artist Iris Babao Uy for this 45 minute Arty Class webinar. Filmed live from the Philippines on 23rd November 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this delightful prelude to her full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, Iris will teach you how to combine watercolour and soft pastels to create paintings with the dreamy luminous quality of watercolours plus with depth and vibrancy of pastels.

Ref final painting

Ref under painting (see video)

Video (no sound)


Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: 1/4 Imperial sheet watercolour cold press (smooth side preferred)

• PAINTS: Watercolour paints Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Violet. Lilca, Sap Green, Permanent Green Light, Neutral Tint Soft Pastel Sticks (colour chart attached)

• BRUSHES: A variety of watercolour brushes, round and flat brushes

• OTHER: Heat gun to speed up drying, kneaded eraser


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