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Masterclass: The Elephant Huddle

On Tue 28th July professional animal watercolourist Sue Taylor taught us to sketch, brush draw and paint an 'Elephant Huddle' using just four colours.

You can watch the masterclass, filmed live, by clicking the unlocked video below. If it isn't unlocked, you can purchase it by visiting Sue's shop here:

See video, reference picture, materials required and paintings received below.

Reference Picture:

Sue's Painting:

Workshop Video (to unlock this video, purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Materials used:

  • Watercolour paper (include an extra sheet for colour mixing exercise).

  • Brushes 3, round brushes 1 medium, 1 small  (with good points) and a flat brush approx half inch.

  • Paints, Cobalt blue, Aureolin yellow,  Permanent rose and Burnt umber.

  • Sundries

  • 2b pencil, rubber, palette, 2 jam jar water pots, several sheets of kitchen roll.


Paintings sent in to us:


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