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Workshop: Down by the Riverside with Margaret Glass

On 7th July '20, one of the World's leading Pastellists Margaret Glass guided us through painting a riverside scene using soft pastels.

You can watch the workshop in full by clicking the unlocked video below. If it isn't unlocked, you can purchase it by visiting Margaret's shop here:

See video, reference picture, materials required and paintings received below.

Reference Pictures:

Workshop Video (to unlock this video, purchase here)

(If you have paid to unlock the video but still can't see it showing, please contact us)

Materials Required • For the paper I use Fisher 400 sandpaper, but whatever support you are used to using that will accept a good amount of pastel. • Soft pastels... There are so many to choose from in the various sets available, but the minimum selection I would recommend would be three tints from dark to light of the following colours: - Warm Cadmium Red and cold Alizarin crimson. - Warm Cadmium Yellow and cold Lemon yellow. - Warm Ultramarine blue and cold Cerulean blue. - Warm sap green and cold Viridian green. - Also Blue grey, Green Grey, brown grey. NOTE: I have tried to give the pigment names as in oil paint. The various pastel manufactures have differing names and Sennelier, the pastels I use, are numbered! • An old bristle brush comes in handy... and lots of enthusiasm.


Paintings sent in to us:


Brenda W.

Carole B.

Kim H.

Andrew D.


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