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Luminous Watercolour Portrait, with Cindy Briggs

With your host John

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Broadcast 2nd May '24


Showcasing her watercolour techniques for painting luminous portraits, Cindy Briggs will demonstrate how to paint a portrait using blending, mingling and dancing brushwork.

You'll see how she infuses traditional and unexpected colours to capture the dramatic and nuanced interplay of light and shadow. Discover how you can begin painting portraits and/or elevate your portraiture skills in her upcoming workshop.

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Example Painting:

Reference photo

Eyes close up:

Line sketch:

Class Painting:


As showcased in the class, find out more about Cindy's art series here >


• Fabriano 100% Cotton 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper.

NOTE: This paper will be taped onto a water resistant board using Holbein Soft Tape.

• Mijello 18 Well Watercolour palette

• Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours: I suggest you fill your palette and let it dry prior to painting for easier control. My main select colours for this demonstration are: Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Brown, Quinacridone Rose, Cobalt Blue, optional: Phthalo Yellow Green, Lavender.

• I use a simple mechanical pencil for drawing and kneaded eraser for softening my lines.

• Prior to my demonstration, (Optional) for the highlights in the eyes and some of the hair strands, I’ll use Fine Line Masking Fluid Pen, Supernib-Fine Tip size 20 gauge.

• A rubber cement pickup will be used to lift the masking fluid.

• My favorite brushes are the Dynasty Black Gold 311 Quill Size 0/2/4 - it’s about the size of a size 10 Watercolor Brush.


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