Let your Colours Mingle & Mix with Randy Hale

Join professional artist Randy Hale for this fun, 45min Arty Class. Filmed live on 3rd November. Details below.

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Watch the Arty Class:


See Video, reference pictures and recommended materials below

Would you like your paintings to glow, be vivid and bright? Randy will show you how to take a different approach in applying your pigment.

Watch and paint along as he shows how to mix colours right on the paper. He’ll let the water move the pigments within a juicy puddle so they have a chance to run together and blend naturally. Brushwork can often grind and mash some of the pigments, neutralising them before they have a chance to flow within a puddle or bead of water.

We’ll have some fun with a few wonky subjects, assembling them into a slightly abstracted still life composition. The best part is letting water do the work of moving pigments, allowing them to get acquainted naturally – no social distancing here! He’ll have colours mingling, getting together right on the paper to create glowing transparent results.

Reference pictures:


Watercolor paper – 140# (300 gsm), or 300# (640 gsm) cold press, 11”x15” (28 cm x 36 cm)

Board - lightweight rigid surface; clip / tape paper onto. Slightly larger than the paper.

Brushes – a wider “flat,” a medium-size “round,” and a “rigger.” Synthetic & natural mix

Water container

Spray bottle – small size for fine misting

Paint palette – with mixing well and dedicated wells to squeeze pigments into. (Use better grade pigment brands to ensure quality mixing - student grade paints are mostly synthetic binder, very little true pigment)

Suggested pigment colors include warm & cool version of primaries + earthtones.

  • Cool Yellow (cadmium light, lemon yellow) & Warm Yellow (gamboge, Indian yellow)

  • Raw Siena (or Yellow Ochre) & Raw Umber

  • Orange

  • Burnt Siena & Burnt Umber

  • Warm Red (Pyrol or Cadmium) & Cool Red (Alizarin)

  • Warm Violet, Cool Violet

  • Prussian Blue (a deep dark)

  • Ultramarine Blue & Cobalt Blue

  • Cerulean Blue & Turquoise Light

  • Sap Green (warm), Veridian (cool), Cad Green Light (light apple green)

Pencil (HB or softer), kneaded erase