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Lessons on Perspective with Keiko Tanabe

Join professional artist Keiko Tanabe live from California for this Patron-only live webinar. Filmed live on 15th Oct 2020.

In this short exercise, Keiko will take a simple street scene with a building as an example to explain how to understand the perspective. This knowledge is very helpful especially when painting a street scene. She will add some colours to create an autumnal feel in the scene.

See Reference picture and recommended materials below

Recommended Materials:

• Paper: watercolour paper (your favourite brand, preferably 100% cotton), rough, 12"x16", 140lb

• Paints: lemon yellow, quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, neutral tint, orange, and your favorite colours

• Brush: one for a wash (such as Escoda ultimo #14 and Rafael softaqua #6), one for details (such as Escoda perla #12 and a small calligraphy brush)


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