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Simple Clouds in Oils with Nial Adams

On Tuesday 23rd June, we were joined by professional artist Nial Adams who took us through the steps required to paint clouds with oils on a 'toned' canvas. See picture, step-by-step video, materials list and canvas 'class prep' videos below.

Scroll down to see pictures received.

Canvas Panel - any size from 10" x 8" - 16" x 12" (but not larger). This panel will need to be toned first (see note & video below)

Oil paints (standard oil, any quality will do) - Yellow Orchre, Burnt Umber or Vandyke Brown, Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Blue

Brushes - stiffer brushes for oil if possible, a few sizes, two or three, such as 4, 6, 8, 10 (see video below)

• Medium - ideally Liquin Original, or linseed oil and white spirit or turps if preferred

• Palette/Painting Knife - metal or plastic for mixing.

• Palette for mixing - you can use a wood, glass or plastic palette, or even a large plate, waxed paper, etc.

• Paper towel - for cleaning as we go and wiping brushes, etc.

• White spirit - for cleaning up brushes afterwards. You can also use warm water and soap if preferred.

• Easel or drawing board - to sit the canvas on. Small table top, or free-standing easel. Something that holds the canvas.

Note: for this session you ideally need to have a 'toned canvas', in other words, one that isn't still white. You'll need to prepare this before the lesson and it will need to be dry. See Class Prep videos below.

You can tone the canvas in Yellow Orchre or Raw Sienna, whichever you prefer. Keep the paint thin, diluting it with Liquin Original (which will dry in about a day), or white spirit.

When doing this remember to keep the tone light, you're really only trying to stain the canvas, evenly, to give a warm glow, either yellow or pink.

Pictures received:

James McGuinness, age 9

Debbie Rowley

Jane Fraser

Brenda Whiting

Julie Barnett

Julie Pearce

Penny James

Nikki Richardson

Sacha, age 11

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Sew French Seams
Sew French Seams
Jun 23, 2020

Really enjoyed this short workshop so much ! Thank you for a great creative and learning experience

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