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A 'Moment in Time' Dandelion with Jane Betteridge

On Tuesday 16th June, celebrated artist Jane Betteridge helped us paint this beautiful dandelion. See video, materials required and submissions below.

See materials list below...

Materials required for this Arty Class:

• Piece brown/buff parcel wrapping paper/piece of card cut from a cereal box (approx 20 x 13cm)

• Piece cartridge paper 28 x 19cm

• Pritt-stick

• Pencil/rubber

• White acrylic ink or other white medium such as Gouache

• Brown watercolour (I’m using Burnt Umber)

• Pinky/red watercolour (I’m using Alizarin Crimson)

• Very fine watercolour brush (I’m using a size 0 rigger)

• Small watercolour brush (about no 2)

• Palette knife or toothbrush for spattering

• Something to draw a circle with e.g. a wine glass (roughly 8 - 9cms)

Paintings received:

Nina French

Andrea Harrison

Claire Godrich

Julie Pearce

Jean Eustace

Kellie Ahl

James McGuinness age 9

Margaret Clark x2

Julie Barnett x3

Irvine Parrott

June Covey

Sylvia Ross

Jill Exell

Janice Josiah

Allie Lazell

Nicola Garrett

Suzanne Wilson

Elaine Marriott

Sacha Tewes, age 11

Rishita Kondepudi, age 12

Victoria Vollans


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lyla dawkins
lyla dawkins
Jun 16, 2020

i really enjoyed today's class, unfortunately i didn't have any brown paper but i found the back cover of an old water colour book, i know this isn't the best but i'm kinda proud of it!


Really enjoyed today’s workshop. Came to it late so didnt have brown paper, but quickly ( and badly) painted a background!

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