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Inject excitement into sketches with a Cola dip pen!

Filmed live on 15th Sept '20, join Liz Chaderton who will help you make your own dip-pen out of a drinks can so that you can inject some excitement into your sketches.

'Cola pens' are an internet sensation. Calligraphers use them to produce edgy graffiti, but these simple pens can also be used by artists to inject character and energy into their drawings.

Upload pictures of your Cola Pen experiments here >

Watch the Arty Class:


See Reference picture for this Arty Class and materials list below.

What's possible:

Recommended Materials:

  • A clean empty drinks can (doesn't have to be cola!)

  • A cutting mat or something to protect your surface

  • A sharp Stanley- type knife

  • A handle for your pen - a piece of bamboo, a straight stick, a pencil, a chop stick, an old brush handle

  • A pair of scissors

  • Fine sandpaper

  • Tape - duct tape, electricians tape, Washi tape

  • A ruler

  • A pen which will mark the metal (eg a Sharpie)

  • Plasters (just in case)

To try it out you will need:

  • Waterproof Indian ink and a shallow container

  • Heavy paper - cartridge or watercolour paper

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