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‘Go with the flow’ Summer River Reflections with Robert Dutton

Filmed on 27th Aug 2020, join artist Robert Dutton to create an expressive painting of a Summer river filled with dappled shade and brilliant sunlight using mixed media techniques. The emphasis is on the loose, free and expressive painting techniques (energetic and lots of fun), aimed to loosen you up and use big brushes in exciting ways.

By the end of the class you will have engaged with your subject a lot more, expressed what you see and feel and created a truly exciting mixed media painting filled with colour and texture...and so much more!

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Book Robert's 2hrs+ Workshop here

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Example picture:

Reference photo:

Materials Required:

Gouache or watercolour

Tube paints in the following colours highly recommended (or use your own favourite colours).

The following are Roberts carefully selected palette,

bold are essential colours


Winsor Violet/Violet

Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Orange

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Qiunacridone Gold

Lemon Yellow


Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Winsor Blue

Prussian Blue



Yellow Ochre

Winsor Green

Soft and hard pastels – highly recommended Unison Colour and Royal Talens Rembrandt pastels – your favourite colours

Large drawing board (your own choice) I shall be working 20 x 22 inches (51 x 56 cm) but you can work smaller if you wish.

A variety of different watercolour brushes to include some large ones such as sizes 24, 30 round and 1 and 2 inch ‘flats’, Swordliner (large) + your own favourites. Large Chinese brushes – essential.

An old hog brush or tooth brush for textured paint effects.

Water Spray atomiser

Several old jam jars or similar containers (for clean water mixing)

White old ceramic plates on which to mix your paints and containers that have large wells for mixing large volumes of colour. Eg bases to plastic milk bottles (the rest of the bottle discarded), and so on.

Kitchen roll.

Bulldog clips to attach your paper to the board.

Watercolour paper 300lb 100% rag content (essential) Highly recommended Canson Heritage ‘not’ 300gsm (140lb)

You will also need a 4B graphite stick, an eraser

Hair dryer to quickly dry any wet washes.

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