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SPECIAL: Glorious Snowdrops with Jane Betteridge

Join professional artist Jane Betteridge for this special, 1hr Arty Class. Filmed live on 26th November 2020.

Watercolour is admired for its transparency which represents the ability of light to pass through the paint and reflect the back of the white surface of the paper to create a glorious luminescent effect as seen here in this painting of a snowdrop.

See Reference pictures and recommended materials below:

Recommended materials required:

• Watercolour paper 8” square preferably with a rough surface.

• Masking tape

• Ruler

• Pencil & rubber

• Black pen

• A candle or a wax stick

• Medium and fine brushes

• Palette knife


• A medium and a dark blue and an acidy green, I’m using lunar blue (D.Smith),Indigo (ShinHan) and leaf green (ShinHan).

• White gouache or ink.


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