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Fresh as a daisy, with Ali Hargreaves

With your host John

Join artist Ali Hargreaves for this lively 1hr Art Class webinar to paint and explore a vibrant daisy. * Details below * Broadcast live from England on 8 September 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


Join Ali Hargreaves to learn how to draw and paint a white daisy in a fairly loose style using vibrant watercolour.

You will be encouraged to observe a beautiful fresh daisy while Ali gives you drawing tips. You will be looking at the importance of using tonal contrasts and even how exaggerate them. You will be using hard and soft edges to maximum effect and Alison will share her reasons for her colour choices. You will be using other exciting techniques using a water spray bottle, a sharp tool, a wax stick and acrylic ink.

We would like to invite Ali to hold a more in-depth, 2-3hr workshop webinar on Thursday, 29th Sept at 3:30PM UK time. We will discuss during this 60min show. If you would like to join this workshop, Reserve your ticket here >
IMPORTANT: Due to artist costs & expenses, a minimum number of reservations is required before this workshop is confirmed.

Useful links:

  • After the live event, you can download the reference images and watch the complete, ad-free recording as an SKA Patron (level 3 and up) via our Video Library.

Ref painting

Reference photo

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: Bockingford watercolour paper NOT surface 300gms

• PAINTS: Watercolours: Cadmium yellow, Turquoise, Quinacridone Magenta, Permanent rose, Prussian blue, Lemon

• BRUSHES: Round brush No 6 with a good point Detailer brush No 0

• OTHER: B pencil, White Acrylic ink Wax resist stick (or sharpened candle), Sharp tool eg a Ruling pen or BBQ stick or old biro (with no ink in it!) Water spray bottle Kitchen towel


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