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A Landscape Collage with Sylvia Paul

On Thursday 2nd July, celebrated artist Sylvia Paul helped us create an inspirational collage using a wide variety of materials, and acrylic paint. If you want to relive the live Arty Class, see video and materials list below.

See materials list below...

Materials required for this Arty Class:

• Table cover (it will be messy)

• Apron

• Kitchen Roll

• Hairdryer (handy for drying the work as you go if necessary) • Acrylic paints (children's poster paint can be used, but not watercolours)

• Water pot

• Brushes (a large brush 3cm if you have one or a decorators brush will do) plus any other brushes suitable for acrylic and glue

• PVA glue (craft glue that is white but dries clear)

• Glue pot (yoghurt pot or similar)

• Scissors • Cereal packet for the base cut to size (mine is approximately) 26 x 29 cm a little smaller or bigger is fine) • Various papers for collage. Here are some suggestions: gift wrap, tissue printed or plain, magazine or comics, doilies, paper serviettes, old sheet music, old map, dress patterns, paper bags, corrugated card, toilet roll inside tube, egg box, paper sweet or chocolate wrappers

Note on Papers: look for papers with colourful designs and those that give texture.


See paintings received here:


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