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A Pastel 'Mug Shot' with Margaret Glass

On Thursday 25th June, leading pastel artist Margaret Glass talked about painting with pastel while creating a simple 'mug shot'. If you want to relive the live Arty Class, see video and materials list below.

See materials list below...

The materials list is quite simple for this Arty Class:

• A mug with your tea or you can just leave empty

• A set of pastels (Margaret uses very soft pastel)

• Paper - any size (Margaret paint on very fine sand paper, but you could use pastel paper or something like sugar paper that has a bit of 'tooth' to the surface)

Paintings received:

Christine Vanoorschot

Julie Barnett x3

Joseph Bartram

Christine Marion

Adrian Cooke

Brenda Whiting

June Covey

Victoria Vollans

Adèle Waples

Sacha Tewes, age 11

Rishita Kondepudi x2

Ayushi Mandokhot, age 11

"This is my mug which I would like to describe as having lots of character. It's definitely not as good as others but oh well. I would also like you to pass this message on the Margaret:

I had loads of fun doing the pastel though I think it went slightly wrong in terms of shapes I don't think this reflects how much I enjoyed it but I did. Thank you!!

Thank you John for hosting another super fun Arty Class that really feels like the only thing getting me through these strange times."


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