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Expressive eyes in watercolour with Stephie Butler

Join Stephie Butler for a 45min Arty Class, filmed live on Thurs 13th August '20.

In this short class, Stephie shows us how to paint expressive eyes, capturing light and emotion using shapes of colour to build form, brush techniques to simplify and loosen up your style, bringing in detail only where needed. See video below.

SCROLL DOWN to see materials required...

Example picture:

Reference photo:

Reference sketch:

Materials Required:

Reference photo above.

Please have rough sketch ready for class. You can use your own or follow Stephie's.

The one supplied should print out about A4 in size.

1/4 sheet Watercolour paper NOT/CP surface ( I use Arches 140lb) Any artist grade paper.

Masking fluid

2 pots of water

Pallet for mixing washes.

Kitchen towel or similar.

Watercolour paints:

- Aureolin

- Permanent Rose

- Colbalt blue

- Ultramarine Blue

- ( I’ve kept these to a minimum but if you have any other tube mauves available then

you can use these to experiment)

Brushes: These are a guide to sizes that I use, any around these sizes will be fine.

- Large round 12/14

- Medium round 6/8

- Rigger 3


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