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Draw a realistic Peacock Butterfly using grid sketching with Emily Pooley

Join special effects & hyper-real painter and designer Emily Pooley for a free online webinar, filmed on 20th August 2020.

In this short class you will be learning to accurately scale and plot a drawing of a butterfly from a reference image using a grid. You'll end up with a precise drawing that can later be painted in Emily's private workshop where she demonstrates the techniques required to help you push your paintings into the hyper-real.

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Example pictures:

Reference photo:

Reference grid

(It can be printed at any size as Emily will be teaching to scale to the correct size in the class

But for ease, print at A4 and the A5 image will be roughly true to life.)

Materials Required:

• A5 paper of your choice. You can fold and cut an A4 piece if required, but make sure it is straight and accurate as this is important for drawing your grid.

[Please note: if you will be joining in the painting workshop to paint a hyper-real butterfly, it will be good to use a paper that allows light through in preparation for transferring. Standard printer paper is good for this (make a mark on the back of the paper and hold it up to a window in daylight, if you can see it through the paper it will work well for what we need.] • A fine pencil that can be erased. You will be removing the grid once it has served it's purpose so test this on your paper first. • An eraser • A ruler • A calculator when scaling


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