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Create Expressive Rocks and Trees with Robert Dutton and Derwent Inktense

Join professional artist Robert Dutton, as he continues his 'go with the flow' series. Paint along, pick up tips and tricks, and grab yourself the chance to win an AMAZING prize, courtesy of Derwent Art. Filmed live on 17th November ‘20. See video below.

Watch the Arty Class:

Robert will focus on certain elements of the painting he will be undertaking in the 2hrs+ workshop. He will demonstrate how Derwent Inktense painting and drawing media quickly and easily helps you to create an exciting painting filled with texture, rich colour and expressive form.

See Reference pictures and recommended materials for this class below


• Inktense pencils, paints & blocks (specifically 36 tin pencils, 36 tin sticks & 12 paint pan set).

• Deep well mixing palette and separate small water mixing containers for creating fluid Inktense mixes

• Nutmeg grinder, Craft knife or scalpel.

• Kitchen roll 

• Spritzer

• Water containers for clean water mixing - at least three on the go and three containing clean water in reserve

• Large round, chisel, long haired and mop brushes - ShopKeepArty Patrons can find a full list of these here

• 300gsm (140LB) ‘Not’ 100% Rag content watercolour paper. Suggested brand Canson Heritage ‘not’

• Recommended size 20 x 22 inches (51 x 56 cm)

• The downloaded image on GLOSS PAPER where possible A4

• Drawing board to attach your paper securely too so it doesn't move about when painting FLAT.

• Masking tape.

• Scrap paper - (used photocopier paper is perfect)

• Permanent White Gouache - Essential (any brand of artists quality)

• Small old white  ceramic plates or saucers for paint mixing. ( 3 recommended)

• Derwent pencil sharpener - any kind

• Derwent eraser primarily or, any brand

• Hairdryer


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