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Creating space and light in a river landscape with David Bellamy

On Tue 4th Aug David Bellamy showed us how to create a sense of space and distance in a landscape using backlighting to suggest drama, various brush techniques, with methods of tackling foregrounds, adding in spot colour and controlling lighting.

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Example picture:

Materials Required:

• Watercolour paper - 200lb Saunders Waterford or Bockingford, preferably with a rough surface but NOT will suffice, and 140lb weight is fine if stretched with gummed tape.

• Brushes - large squirrel-hair mop, no. 1 rigger, no. 4 round, no. 6 or 8 round, no. 10 or 12 round, plus a 10mm or quarter-inch flat brush (not vital).

• Watercolour paints can be in tubes or half-pans as follow:

- French ultramarine

- Burnt umber

- Yellow ochre

- Naples yellow

- Cadmium red

- Cadmium orange

- Raw umber

- Cadmium yellow pale

• Also needed are a 3B or 4B pencil, putty eraser, water in a large pot, a palette with deep wells, tissues or rags, a drawing board, natural sponge, hair drier and a scalpel or sharp knife.


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