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Celebrate Vera Lynn and paint the bluebirds over the White Cliffs. Arty Class for all ages.

With the sad passing of Vera Lynn, relive one of our previous weekly Arty Classes where professional artist Helga Picknell guided us through painting the White Cliffs of Dover in celebration of VE day. It used a number of mixed media including the use of a candle!

See below the step-by-step video, materials list required as well as some of the paintings we've had sent in to us, from young and old artists alike.

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Materials required to paint along:

• Pref watercolour paper (about 15x20 cm)

• A pencil (HB or 2B) and rubber

• A black waterproof/permanent pen or fountain pen

• Gel pens (white?) or colouring pencils

• Watercolour paints

• A white candle (or a white wax crayon or a white oil pastel)

• Watercolour brushes

• 2 jars with water

• A sheet of kitchen roll

• Something to create a circle like a compass or a bit of string attached to a pencil

Art received:

Gerry Blofeld

Carrie Dring

Julie Pearce

Michelle Mould

Jill Marsden

Audrey Sibert

Julie Barnett

Maureen Holmes

Andrea Harrison

Nicola Garrett

Jan Yardley

Jill Exell

Jean Eustace

Annie Reynolds

James McGuinness (aged 9)

Emma McGuinness

Joseph Bartram

Rookley Dring, age 4

Rishi Kondepudi, age 12

Denise Jones

Stephanie Donaldson

Charlotte Della Maestra, 12yrs


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