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Flower Quilling with Toni Peers

On Tuesday 9th June, Toni Peers gave us an introduction to the therapeutic world of quilling. Why not give it a go yourself? See video and materials required below.

If you want to join in, the materials required are as follows:

• Card or ideally thick paper for the picture base

• For the quilling: Strips of paper ideally around A4 in length and around 0.5cm wide. If you have coloured paper that would be great. If not, perhaps you could colour in or paint a sheet of paper and then when dry cut strips - it mustn't be too stiff when dry though or it will be difficult to roll, Ideally you want a few colours including green. You could also get creative and cut up old magazines with different colours (only if no one wants to read it!)

- How many strips? This is not exact, but for petals you will need at least 13 strips. For stems and leaves you will need around 8 green strips and then 10 strips of other colours for butterfly and other flowers.

• PVA glue - decanted into a little pot

• A couple of cocktail sticks

• Not necessary but useful: Tweezers; Drinking straw; Quilling tool (only if you have one)

Craft submissions:

Elaine Marriott

Julie Pearce

Julie Barnett

Ayushi Mandokhot, age 12 yrs x3

Rishita Kondepudi, age 12

(Please note that the Mary Poppins Art took 5 hours using newspaper that kept ripping and the Yin Yang piece took 4 hours) - comment from SKA: "Wow! well done for persevering"

Sacha Tewes, 11yrs

Margaret Clark

"Please find my labour of love picture. I thoroughly enjoyed the Arty Class. I have found a new hobby. As still self isolating, I'm making my own birthday cards. Have painted and cut all the 1/2cm strips of paper. Thank you so much for helping people during this awful time."

Esther Taylor


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