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Bodies of Water Intro with Randy Hale, Colorado

Join popular US watercolour artist Randy Hale from his studio in Colorado to explore the painting of water in watercolour. This was filmed live on 8th Sept 2020.

Water often proves to be a problem for painters - they start off trying to paint water in horizontal strokes forgetting about reflections, and neglecting to keep opposite shorelines level resulting in depictions that confuse the viewer. Come listen, watch, and paint along with Randy. You’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

Watch the Arty Class:

See Reference (sample) pictures and recommended materials below.

Recommended Materials:

(This is just a guide, you can use whatever materials you have)

Watercolor paper – 140# (300 g/m), cold press, 11”x15” (28 cm x 36 cm)

Board - lightweight rigid surface; clip / tape paper onto. Slightly larger than the paper.

Brushes – a wider “flat,” a medium-size “round,” and a “rigger.” Synthetic/natural mix

Water container

Spray bottle – small size for fine misting

Paint palette – with mixing well and dedicated wells to squeeze pigments into. (Use better grade pigment brands to ensure quality mixing - student grade paints are mostly synthetic binder, very little true pigment)

Suggested pigment colors include warm & cool version of primaries + earthtones.

· Cool Yellow (cadmium light, lemon yellow) & Warm Yellow (gamboge, Indian yellow)

· Raw Siena (or Yellow Ochre) & Raw Umber

· Orange

· Burnt Siena & Burnt Umber

· Warm Red (Pyrol or Cadmium) & Cool Red (Alizarin)

· Warm Violet, Cool Violet

· Prussian Blue (a deep dark)

· Ultramarine Blue & Cobalt Blue

· Cerulean Blue & Turquoise Light

· Sap Green (warm), Veridian (cool), Cad Green Light (light apple green)

Pencil(HB or softer),kneaded eraser


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